Da Hip Hop Raskalz is an experimental album by Dave Soldier. He recorded each song by dividing a group of elementary children into bands and having them choose each element step by step. I mimicked his layering process through my own design by using the same two images of the T-Rex and candy and manipulating them through out the packaging. Below is a sample of the songs featured on the album

♫ 01 T Rex.mp3


A zine focusing on how Acid Magazine reflects good graphic design

I redesigned a hacker magazine called 2600. Black Hat Hacking is a form of malicious hacking where as White Hat Hacking is the opposite. My re-design aims to define the grey area between the two.

TANYA & DANNY'S UNHAPPY BIRTHDAY from Adrian Koenigsberg on Vimeo.

I threw a birthday party for the two grumpiest people I know, and 150 of their closest friends.